New extra slim and frameless sliding and tilt-turn window system.

Wooden sliding windows with frameless design captivate by their flush-fitted installation to floor, ceiling and walls, and provide maximum natural light and warm wood feeling. The sliding rail can be completely integrated in the floor offering a barrier-free transition from indoors to outdoors. The sash has a cross-section of 68X39mm and carries glazing of up to 29mm thickness, thus combines optimum thermal and acoustic performances with a minimum optical barrier of 39mm in the sash junction, when in closed position. Its lift and slide mechanism allows smooth movement, sealing and stabilization of the sash even at an open position. It is available in two versions: a) barrier-free - integrated installation in the floor, and b) with lower threshold of 44mm height.

Wooden tilt-turn windows with frame cross section of 68X70mm and sash cross-section of 68X62mm minimise significantly the outer wooden frame. The slimline windows carry state-of-the- art recessed hardware with multiple locking points and adjustable strikers, 3 perimetric gaskets for sealing, thermal and acoustic insulation, and mechanism for 3-position opening (turn, tilt and trickle vent).

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